Fall 2004 -----> Ulhas Kashalkar

Ulhas Kashalkar is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the top-ranking classical vocalists in

Trained in both the Gwalior and the Jaipur schools by his father, N.D. Kashalkar and
Gajanan Rao Joshi, Ulhas Kashalkar has also absorbed much from maestros like Kumar
Gandharva, Mallikarjun Mansur and Bhimsen Joshi. Ulhas Kashalkar, one of the prime
representatives of Gwalior and Jaipur Gharanas and has earned wide recognition in India
and abroad. He was initiated to music by his father Sri N.D.Kashalkar an able musicologist.
A gold medalist at his Post-graduation in music, he was later on trained by Pandit Ram
Marathe and Pandit Gajananbua Joshi, stalwarts of Hindustani Classical Music.

A fabulous vocalist, he seems to have an old musical head thriving with innumerable current
and rare ragas and compositions. His experience adding to talent, causes precision since
he never errs in any raga or composition howsoever intertwined it may be. Gifted with a
melodiously flexible voice, Kashalkar`s music appeals to every music lover. His gaykee is
especially noted for pure traditional rendering with his own aesthetic interpretation. He
allows his voice to engage in complex rhythmic acrobatics in khayal and thumri styles.
Renowned cassette companies of India and abroad have brought out many cassettes and
compact discs of his music, a testimonial to his immense popularity. He effortlessly presents
a raga in the true Jaipur colors; another to obtain a melody attired in the Agra style and still
another to get a raga in the Gwalior habiliments. One can only imagine Kashalkar’s loyalty
to his various gurus, and his ingenuity in assimilation and consolidation of the incoming

Endowed with an exceptionally melodious and sensitively adaptable voice, Ulhasji’s music
recitals exemplify the rigorous traditional training that he has received from his gurus. But
even while adhering steadfastly to the grammar of his Gharana music, he makes it
aesthetically appealing even to his lay listeners. His style of delineating a ‘raga’ is authentic
as well as imaginative. His ‘taans’ are remarkable in their variety. Above all this, his supreme
sense of artistic proportion leaves his listeners craving for more. The supreme authenticity
of Ulhasji’s musical renditions creates and strengthens our faith in the future of Hindustani
Classical Music. He has the ability to mix or completely separate the gayakis of Agra,
Gwalior and Jaipur.

Ulhas Kashalkar started his career as a Programme Executive in All India Radio (AIR),
Thane, near Mumbai. He later came to Kolkata to join the ITC Sangeet Research Academy
(ITC-SRA) as a guru in 1993. He has trained a number of scholars at the Academy. Even
today he is one of the most sought-after gurus at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy.

Ulhasji’s reputation and popularity as a musician has now spread worldwide. His recitals
have evoked a tremendous response in the Middle East, Europe and America. Many
renowned music companies in India and abroad have brought out CDs and audiocassettes
of his music

Ulhas Kashalkar